Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I wonder, when will the killing start? These bastards, keep pushing, keep taking, keep raping. They attack us on every level. They kill our jobs, they kill our security, they murder our dreams. They steal our money, they steal our hope, they steal our homes. The crimes they commit, are nothing short of TREASON. They have intentionally, corrupted our society, with their outrageous greed. How long, will Americans allow this EVIL to rule. These sons of the devil, need to be dealt with. Swiftly and without mercy, they offer none, and should receive none.
There is a time coming, and is already here, that the people will be pushed too far. Without Hope, man is capable of much evil. But, is it evil, to rid the world of evil. One day, they will pay for their deeds. How I wish, it was today. ALL violent criminals, sexual predators, corporate fat-cats, politicians, and bankers, should be assembled, and executed. Swiftly, and without mercy, they offer none, and should receive none. They are the scourge of the Earth. The only difference between them, is their financial status, and one does it right out in the open. They are bringing Judgment, and it won't be pretty. YOU are just as guilty, YOU allowed them to rule, and as they create unjust laws, and protect murderers, thieves, liars, and all who practice Evil, YOU DO NOTHING! WOE to YOU on that day.
REVOLUTION! Bring it, be it, live it, DO IT! Revolution of the heart, transformation of the mind, redemption of the spirit. It is only through GOD, that my hand is stayed. Only through GOD, that my heart can find peace. Only through that my spirit lives. Live and Pray, as though, your life depends on it, IT DOES!!! Seek first the kingdom. This is their world and they can have it. Remove yourself, from the sin that plagues you, REPENT, and receive Grace.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Really? Those are my options?

What in the world is going on in this country? Left, right, center, moderate, extremist, atheist, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Homo, straight, bi, trans, rich, poor, "free", slave, hungry, fat, super-skinny, deluxe, econo, green, black, white, grey, pre-trib, post-trib,and on and on and on, oh, I almost forgot, livin, dyin, or not even tryin, love, hate, ok you get it, these are some of the options we have in our lives and there really too many to list, so why, when it comes to someone who is supposed to represent me, do I only get 2 choices. BAD and WORSE! I am so very sick of our political system, and absolutely disgusted, by EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THOSE BASTARDS! Not one, do I trust, not in any situation. They have proven themselves UNWORTHY, continuously as far back as I can remember. Not even with the very least of my concerns, would I trust them to represent me, I cannot even imagine a single reason, that I might seek their counsel, So how is it, that my options are: Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman.. Barbara Boxer or Carly Fiorina. I have to pick betwwen the lesser of 2 EVILS, the do-nothing jack-asses, or the GREEDY corporate scum-bags that are directly responsible for the state of our economy, I mean, That Carly-Snake basically shut down enough jobs/revenue to fund a small states budget, while causing countless Americans distress and grief, in many cases these people have become HOMELESS FAMILIES, IN AMERICA!!, all so she and her corporate flunkies grew wealthy, and now she wants to be CEO of California, Oh my GOD, Please NO! Now that Boxer BROAD is just as bad, California has gone broke on "HER WATCH", yeah serve me up another plate of disaster. My point is, I could never vote for someone like Carly-snake

Made in the U.S.A. (Not for the faint of heart or easily offended)

I can't take this SHIT anymore. These people are making me sick. They should be found GUILTY of TREASON!, and HUNG in the public square for all to see what we, as AMERICANS, do to TRAITORS!!! The GREEDY BASTARDS have taken the greatest nation in the world and made it a Dirty, Nasty,Shameless WHORE! The USA was the standard, the model, for all the world to aspire to. People fought and died trying to make they're way here to get a piece of the DREAM, the AMERICAN DREAM! When I was 17, the Olympic torch ran through Long Beach, Ca. (my home town) me and all my friends went to watch, all wearing our USA gear. What a feeling, to be a young American in 1984, so proud of the athletes representing the greatness of the USA, I LOVED being an American! Was I naive, or were those really, better days? I think, the latter. I'm so PISSED, that I can't even get my thoughts out, I want to feel the PRIDE again, I want to LOVE MY COUNTRY AGAIN, but , I CANNOT! How can I? It has become something HIDEOUS and EVIL, full of LIES and HATE. The politicians are the scourge of the earth, NOT ONE of those BASTARDS deserves to LIVE, they have all, every last one of them, committed
TREASON in the truest sense of the word, and the penalty for treason, in wartime (which we have been in since our birth as a nation) IS DEATH!

"MADE IN THE USA" was on everything, when I was a boy. Now, I can't find those words on ANYTHING. They have sold out the American people to fill their own pockets, hijacked our government and made it the MOST WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT ON THE PLANET! They do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They are truly the lowest of the low. The state of the union is DIRECTLY on their shoulders. This is not by accident, Do nothing, talk shit about the other guy at election time, and how evil that person is, as if they aren't the mirror image, cater to the greedy corporate fatcats who, by their greed, put countless AMERICAN FAMILIES, in the poor house ( if they are lucky enough to still have a house) by removing MADE IN THE USA from the planet, MY GOD, I can't even put it to words, there is too much, BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS, YOU"RE WATCHING IT TOO, an now we have to watch as the same BASTARDS that bankrupted this nation (financially and morally) and became wealthy at our expense, use that money, to run for the same NON-FUNCTIONING POSITION OF POWER, AS IF NOW, they are going to do something us, all the while, WE DO NOTHING to stop it. ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO SUCCEED, IS FOR GOOD PEOPLE TO DO NOTHING , and that is exactly what we do, NOTHING, so who is MORE EVIL, US OR THEM, IF WE ARE NOT AGAINST THEM, WE ARE FOR THEM, and if YOU are for them I say FUCK YOU TOO!!!

This is the reason our founding fathers fought and DIED, not to empower the BASTARDS but, TO DETHRONE THE EVIL TYRANTS, and both sides ARE GUILTY! Even the CHURCH IS GUILTY, How sad for them that CLAIM to be CHRISTIANS on JUDGEMENT DAY, YOU are of the SAME CLOTH, with your one sided (which is also wrong because it's been hijacked by the "right"), HOLIER THAN THOU BULLSHIT, DO NOTHING while YOUR FALSE TEACHERS, tickle your ears while fondling your children and DISGRACING GOD, with what they done IN and TO HIS NAME, with examples LIKE YOU, who, would ever want to follow CHRIST, other the same, sick, sons of the devil, LIKE YOU! I fully expect to be judged on THAT DAY, but YOU, who think you are Christians, and will be exempt(or be RAPTURED), how SAD that day will be for you. AWAY FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU, are the words you will hear. if you don't believe me, study the WORD for yourself ,instead of believing the FALSE TEACHERS OF TODAY, and just like the WORTHLESS GOVERNMENT, these evil men, and false doctrine, with their wealth, and their MEGA CHURCHES are ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS. IF you want to follow CHRIST, BE OBEDIENT, (which you are not), COVER YOUR FUCKING HEAD, you proud, blaspheming, money-loving, selfish, boastful, lying, murdering, hateful, LOVERS OF YOURSELF, VERILY, I SAY TO YOU, SURELY YOU WILL NOT SEE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Check your HEART, you SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS, THE SPIRIT, WILL CONVICT YOU of YOUR SIN,IF YOU ARE TRULY, OF GOD, if you are not convicted, that means YOU HAVE NO SIN, in which case, YOU ARE GOD, and have no need for repentance, how nice for you, you've truly earned your reward, I just hope I get to be there when you receive it.

I HATE THIS WORLD, because of the EVIL, I pray for Judgement Day, The Day Of The LORD, though I will receive what I have earned,(which I KNOW, I've earned), the thought of THE LORD ALMIGHTY, making things right, destroying ALL EVIL makes my heart rejoice. Don't worry, if I didn't mention you here, I HATE YOU TOO, because you love your life and this world, I HATE YOU, I write these words for ALL the world to see, not because I think I'm better than you or because I feel protected by "free speech"(what a joke), but because I, and YOU( I before you is on purpose), need to hear them and REPENT. One day this life will be taken from me, THANK YOU, for you do me a favor, you set me free, THANK YOU, and if I am required to stand before satan, well, let my head role, PLEASE.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

United we stand, divided we fall! How far have we fallen? What have we let them do to our great nation? Land of the free, home of the brave?, How about, Land of the greedy, home of the slave! Whose fault is it? Yours, Mine , and Ours! How does something get through congress and the senate, that most Americans disagree with? MONEY!!! PURE POLITICS!!! They don't work for us, we work for them. Why?, because we sit back, complain, maybe write a letter that may or may not get a response from a congressperson (generic of course) and let them get away with business as usual. I don't care if you're blue, red , black, white, or brown, this is America, and we have rights, with those rights come responsibility, stand up for America, it is YOUR DUTY!!! I DO NOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE!!! Awhile back A MILLION MAN MARCH, got their attention, we can get their attention again. Michael Moore took it to the streets and put them on the spot, what would happen if a million Americans did the same thing? Lobbyists use their money to get votes the way THEY want them, I have ONE DOLLAR, do you have ONE DOLLAR ?, ONE MILLION PEOPLE= ONE MILLION DOLLARS, now we have a voice. We, as Americans MUST!, put an end to the political nonsense, you're red, your ideas are dead, you're blue your ideas are poo, did they ever get past the third grade?, I don't think so. We need a new breed in Washington, WE THE PEOPLE, Kick the BUMS out at the next election, get somebody new, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, OBVIOUSLY!!! INTEGRITY A MUST. KNOW ANYONE LIKE THAT, NOMINATE THAT PERSON, like I said, I HAVE ONE DOLLAR, DO YOU? USE YOUR VOICE, USE YOUR DOLLAR, MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!!