Thursday, October 22, 2009

United we stand, divided we fall! How far have we fallen? What have we let them do to our great nation? Land of the free, home of the brave?, How about, Land of the greedy, home of the slave! Whose fault is it? Yours, Mine , and Ours! How does something get through congress and the senate, that most Americans disagree with? MONEY!!! PURE POLITICS!!! They don't work for us, we work for them. Why?, because we sit back, complain, maybe write a letter that may or may not get a response from a congressperson (generic of course) and let them get away with business as usual. I don't care if you're blue, red , black, white, or brown, this is America, and we have rights, with those rights come responsibility, stand up for America, it is YOUR DUTY!!! I DO NOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE!!! Awhile back A MILLION MAN MARCH, got their attention, we can get their attention again. Michael Moore took it to the streets and put them on the spot, what would happen if a million Americans did the same thing? Lobbyists use their money to get votes the way THEY want them, I have ONE DOLLAR, do you have ONE DOLLAR ?, ONE MILLION PEOPLE= ONE MILLION DOLLARS, now we have a voice. We, as Americans MUST!, put an end to the political nonsense, you're red, your ideas are dead, you're blue your ideas are poo, did they ever get past the third grade?, I don't think so. We need a new breed in Washington, WE THE PEOPLE, Kick the BUMS out at the next election, get somebody new, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, OBVIOUSLY!!! INTEGRITY A MUST. KNOW ANYONE LIKE THAT, NOMINATE THAT PERSON, like I said, I HAVE ONE DOLLAR, DO YOU? USE YOUR VOICE, USE YOUR DOLLAR, MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!!