Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I wonder, when will the killing start? These bastards, keep pushing, keep taking, keep raping. They attack us on every level. They kill our jobs, they kill our security, they murder our dreams. They steal our money, they steal our hope, they steal our homes. The crimes they commit, are nothing short of TREASON. They have intentionally, corrupted our society, with their outrageous greed. How long, will Americans allow this EVIL to rule. These sons of the devil, need to be dealt with. Swiftly and without mercy, they offer none, and should receive none.
There is a time coming, and is already here, that the people will be pushed too far. Without Hope, man is capable of much evil. But, is it evil, to rid the world of evil. One day, they will pay for their deeds. How I wish, it was today. ALL violent criminals, sexual predators, corporate fat-cats, politicians, and bankers, should be assembled, and executed. Swiftly, and without mercy, they offer none, and should receive none. They are the scourge of the Earth. The only difference between them, is their financial status, and one does it right out in the open. They are bringing Judgment, and it won't be pretty. YOU are just as guilty, YOU allowed them to rule, and as they create unjust laws, and protect murderers, thieves, liars, and all who practice Evil, YOU DO NOTHING! WOE to YOU on that day.
REVOLUTION! Bring it, be it, live it, DO IT! Revolution of the heart, transformation of the mind, redemption of the spirit. It is only through GOD, that my hand is stayed. Only through GOD, that my heart can find peace. Only through that my spirit lives. Live and Pray, as though, your life depends on it, IT DOES!!! Seek first the kingdom. This is their world and they can have it. Remove yourself, from the sin that plagues you, REPENT, and receive Grace.

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