Sunday, October 10, 2010

Really? Those are my options?

What in the world is going on in this country? Left, right, center, moderate, extremist, atheist, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Homo, straight, bi, trans, rich, poor, "free", slave, hungry, fat, super-skinny, deluxe, econo, green, black, white, grey, pre-trib, post-trib,and on and on and on, oh, I almost forgot, livin, dyin, or not even tryin, love, hate, ok you get it, these are some of the options we have in our lives and there really too many to list, so why, when it comes to someone who is supposed to represent me, do I only get 2 choices. BAD and WORSE! I am so very sick of our political system, and absolutely disgusted, by EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THOSE BASTARDS! Not one, do I trust, not in any situation. They have proven themselves UNWORTHY, continuously as far back as I can remember. Not even with the very least of my concerns, would I trust them to represent me, I cannot even imagine a single reason, that I might seek their counsel, So how is it, that my options are: Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman.. Barbara Boxer or Carly Fiorina. I have to pick betwwen the lesser of 2 EVILS, the do-nothing jack-asses, or the GREEDY corporate scum-bags that are directly responsible for the state of our economy, I mean, That Carly-Snake basically shut down enough jobs/revenue to fund a small states budget, while causing countless Americans distress and grief, in many cases these people have become HOMELESS FAMILIES, IN AMERICA!!, all so she and her corporate flunkies grew wealthy, and now she wants to be CEO of California, Oh my GOD, Please NO! Now that Boxer BROAD is just as bad, California has gone broke on "HER WATCH", yeah serve me up another plate of disaster. My point is, I could never vote for someone like Carly-snake

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